Artistic work lived as passion - consistently, headstrong, free-spirited 

Jörg Döring, freelance artist, born in the mid 60s in the Ruhr region / Germany. 

First paintings originate from early youth, motivated by an encouraged interest in art. 1986, a professional studio is set up in Essen, the cultural capital of the Ruhr region, from 1988 works are shown in regional exhibitions. Followed by the move of the studio to Dusseldorf in 1995, national and international representations at art fairs and exhibitions provide a steadily increasing awareness for the artist.

Early producings of Döring are affected by historic highlights of Pop Art of the 60s and 70s, the thematic presence in the Döring-family's life influenced the young artist's work. Iconic personalities, revolutionary characters, comic, marvel and brand-stories, advertising claims, headlines, typography... Aesthetic spheres of which Döring was constantly surrounded by have then been used by the artist as raw material to design own stories on canvas, to act foiling and time-formative, this approach is still the core of Jörg Döring's daily work.

Until the mid-90s the artist consistently creates unique oil paintings only, and in 1995 expands his technical repertoire by challenging to master a way of silk-screen printing, which was very unique at that time. This step formed a main focus in Döring's extensive work for many years.

Since 2010, JD gives high effort to intensively working on collages that can also be used as a supplement or base for large sized oil paintings. The mixing and combining of different crafting disciplines has become a principle for the daily work in the studio.

With the creative development of the artist evolved a complex mixture of material, technology, reflection and ambiguity. Some original elements are continuously taken with, this can be understood as kind of a line, a direction, but also many facets were added in the course of the artistic activity. In Döring's doing and being everything is in constant transformation…

At a young age early impressed and influenced by classic pop art, Jörg Döring in three decades has specified an independent, vital imagery with quaint links and perspectives on the complex and complicated everyday world. Döring's pictorial oeuvre puts itself aesthetically finely tuned and enjoyable, and within all it's balance and magnificence, ideationally charged and meaningful in the depths.

JD lives and works in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf, his artistic work has been shown in more than 250 exhibits, among others in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin und Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Basel, Paris, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Miami...

January, 2018